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Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX
Category: Photograph
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 8 840


Camera ZOOM FX is a mobile client, which is a camera of excellent quality. The utility base contains more than 40 effects, there is a six-fold zoom magnification, uses automatic saving of frames, their stabilization and so on. Ready content users can share in all available social networks. The utility is designed for portable Android gadgets. Through the application, the device receives an extensive functionality and settings. Among the features of the software should be noted - continuous shooting, the sound of the shutter closing when you press, bright visual effects.

Available modes

  • basic;
  • stabilization;
  • with active timer;
  • activation by sound;
  • continuous shooting.
Among other things, the utility provides:
  • fine-tuned focus;
  • exposure mode;
  • flash timing;
  • white balance;
  • gesture operation;
  • night mode and other features supported by the device's camera.
For further editing of photos, users get a huge number of tools:
  • scissors;
  • brightness;
  • contrast;
  • various frames and special effects;
  • over 20 color filters;
  • settings for photo correction.
Among other things, users can develop their own tools and work with existing tools. For those users who are not satisfied with the basic package of settings, they can always use additional plug-ins. The software has a rather flexible UI, and shows excellent performance on portable devices regardless of their year of release.

Key features

  • Automatic stabilization of the frame at the moment of shooting. This is a very useful functionality if the user's hands are shaking, for example, in the cold;
  • the presence of a timer mode, which will be an indispensable addition if users need to know the time spent on shooting;
  • voice activation of the camera - users can use their voice to call the necessary options of the utility;
  • the ability to create panoramic photos can be created using the continuous photo mode;
  • six-fold zoom lens is realized;
  • adjustable flash;
  • the ability to view visual effects;
  • the ability to adjust the white balance;
  • availability of night shooting mode;
  • the ability to take photos with the front and main camera of the device.
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