Tegos ru

Tegos ru
Category: Recording
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Tegos ru - is a convenient and functional application with which users can watch movies, listen to modern music and install games for their phone. In addition, it is offered to communicate in chat. Tegos ru - successfully developed software designed for phones with the Android operating system. It represents the usual mobile version of the official website. Users can additionally listen to exciting music, watch online movies. In addition, additionally available fascinating games and different books.


As with the Sunday Music software, the utility allows you to listen to different tracks in online mode. In this case, a huge selection of different musical performances is available. Users can choose any specific genre or launch a song by its name. In a certain section, the latest hits are offered. In addition, the program allows you to set tracks and save it all in the memory of the mobile device. While listening to music online, you can adjust the volume.

Movies and TV series

With the help of this utility, you can easily connect to a virtual movie theater. All presented movies are divided into several convenient categories:
  • Action movies;
  • Westerns;
  • Detectives;
  • Documentary projects;
  • Thrillers;
  • Dramas and so on.
The program is also convenient for watching TV series. You can find movies and trailers by their name.

Games and forum conversation

The utility additionally opens access to numerous exciting games designed to run from smartphones and tablets. A convenient search by title and specific category is available. It is possible to screenshot any descriptions. Moreover, users can easily use a convenient chat room, communicate with other members. To register, you just need to specify your email, fill out a questionnaire and think of a password.


  • It is offered free of charge;
  • You can get access to the main portal;
  • You can listen to music, watch movies and much more;
  • The software is compatible with all Android versions.
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