Delphi 7

Delphi 7
Category: Development tools
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Delphi 7 is a development environment that allows you to create "programs" and visual "development" using its own "tools". Now this "environment", is not widely used, but serves to teach the basics of programming. Delphi 7 is the official visual development environment. In this "tool software" you create "projects" in the language of the same name. If necessary, you can "design" your objects for .NET programming. This programming language does not run on the new generation Windows OS. A full-fledged Delphi 7 run is possible in compatibility mode.


Earlier, Delphi 7 was a benchmark in the field of visual programming. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this product from Borland did not require a powerful computer, offering good features and high stability. The seventh version of the development environment was equipped with tools that provide the creation of Web-applications with support for .NET programming. Previously, this "tool software" was used to create simple application programs for OS Windows. The new version of this environment, which is not created by Borland, allows you to create applications for mobile devices.


The interface of this programming language is created as separate modules. You can switch between the individual windows to create your own project. Each window is "responsible" for certain functions. The main component of the working environment is the "form window", which oversees the design of a graphical interface with a unique shell. In the "object inspector" window you can find the necessary forms. Using this window, you will add new fields to the project form, as well as keys and other functional elements. You can "write" these elements in the editor, which is equipped with the tools of the Pascal language. You will have no trouble creating the objects you need, because the editor works with syntax highlighting. In the "form window" and in the "object inspector" there is a toolbar with a tree structure of the project files, which is active at the moment.

Key features

  • the graphical environment of the program consists of modules that allow you to create applications for the web interface in Delphi (Object Pascal);
  • you can use database tools in the software;
  • you can add .NET technologies and create application programs;
  • the software has the ability to create structural models;
  • detailed help for the development environment is available in English.
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