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Category: Maps
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Wikimapia is a mobile application for Android devices. The program allows customers to open an online map with all the cities of the world. With the help of Wikimapia you can find the desired restaurant, beauty salon, department store, polyclinic, university and many other objects. It is also possible to read the necessary information about the object and view photos.


The application includes an interactive encyclopedia, which can be edited in your own way. All descriptions about objects are placed by users themselves at their will. To start using Wikimapia you need to agree to observe the coordinates of the mobile device. Only after authorization will the online map of the place where the user is located appear on the display. With the help of gestures, you can independently select the necessary scale of the map. Users of the application can find any building and read any information about it. It is also possible to study the list of organizations that are located in the selected building.


Wikimapia has an association with another similar application - Google Maps. It allows you to search for a route. And after clicking on an object, you can move to the navigation section with a single movement. But do not forget that in the application you can not make other own marks on the map or change the records of other customers. It is only possible to view and share information with other users or friends.


  • Using the application is completely free;
  • Wikimapia is an online map with all the cities of the world;
  • In the program you can find the object of interest and read all the information about it, as well as read the photos;
  • It is possible to change the scale of the map;
  • Internet connection is required to use the application;
  • The application is available for Android system.
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