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iOS Keyboard

iOS Keyboard
Category: Keyboards
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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iOS Keyboard is an Android-based virtual keyboard for messaging and typing. This interesting product for users is copied from Apple, and here we have: smiles, emoji, voice input.

Theme selection

After installing the keyboard, the owner of the mobile device will have to choose a design option. The program offers the opportunity to use several themes for the screen and various effects for the keyboard. If desired, users can also install their own photos as a background. Before you start working on the keyboard, you need to find the "Language and input" section. Here you will have to determine the method by which you should type. Then it is desirable to connect, if necessary, automatic error correction.

Entering text

Working in the program is easy, since text processing in it is intuitive for most users. In addition, the utility collects and then analyzes the entered information. This approach allows the program to prompt the right actions when typing. Some functionalities of the program distinguish it from a number of similar products. This is the automatic selection of emoticons and the ability to suggest pictures that fit the message.

An interesting feature of the utility is voice input. In this mode, the keyboard converts words into text, which then appears on the screen. This feature greatly simplifies writing business letters and messages. However, to use this feature, the user must allow the program access to his microphone.

Product features

  • the application is available for free download;

  • voice input is possible;

  • there is an error correction function;

  • it is possible to send emoji and smileys;

  • the program is compatible with Android.

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