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KineMaster Diamond

KineMaster Diamond
Category: Recording
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 6 319


KineMaster Diamond is a functional application with a rather large set of different tools used for editing video tracks. You can use a ready library of templates, special effects, and corresponding music tracks. KineMaster Diamond is a software for Android phones. The software allows you to edit clips. Users will be able to add additional voiceovers, change frames with their places. It offers a real opportunity to share the specific result in social networks Facebook or Instagram.

Data processing

To use the application you only need to allow the use of photo and video files. In addition, the software allows you to create your own video using the phone's built-in camera. With the help of a specific ribbon from a certain part of the screen, users will be able to cut out individual sections and paste on a certain place. Presented, the ability to add visualization of automatic transition between specific scenes. The program allows you to control the playback speed and create several parts at once in one. Additionally, an option to add text and emoticons is available. In addition, users can add any musical accompaniment or voiceover. The application allows you to view any finished clip, save it in the phone memory or in the future publish it in social networks.

Advantages of the application

  • The software is distributed for free;
  • The utility provides access to various tools that can be used to edit videos or add additional effects;
  • With the application, you can easily change the overall playback speed;
  • There is an option for trimming and splicing specific frames;
  • It is possible to add audio tracks.
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