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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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E1 RU - one of the leaders of Ekaterinburg's news publications - has created its own mobile application. With its help, residents of the city and its surroundings can follow the most relevant news and share it with their friends and acquaintances.


The constantly updated feed will not allow you to miss any important event, materials are published very often, including those from the portal e1.ru. For ease of use and search for the necessary news, everything is divided into categories:
  • auto;
  • city;
  • culture;
  • crime;
  • science;
  • politics;
  • entertainment;
  • incidents;
  • economy.
In addition to the categories, you can use the search bar. By entering a query into it, you will see all the news by these keywords. Also for ease of use, users have the opportunity to add any material to the "favorites" section and see in the "history" section all the materials that he has previously viewed. In addition, you can share what you read in social networks and messengers. There is an interesting opportunity for all users: absolutely everyone without exception can send their news to the editorial office of the news resource. All incoming news is viewed and not ignored.


You can find the detailed weather forecast for Yekaterinburg in a separate tab of the application. The information in the section is updated regularly, so the user will see only the latest data. In addition to the current one, there is an opportunity to see the forecast for the coming days. In addition, you can see the forecast for the period of interest, for example, for the next week or month.


  • all materials about incidents and events published in the application are related to Yekaterinburg
  • function of sending your own news to the editorial office
  • ability to save publications of interest to the "favorites" section
  • completely free functionality with no pitfalls
  • support for all current versions of Android OS
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