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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Seasonvar - is a convenient application for mobile devices running Android. The utility offers access to the full collection of the actual virtual service, where everyone can find Russian and foreign TV series. This is an unofficial application that provides access to numerous video content from the online resource of the same name. This utility will help you watch videos and download series of different formats.


The utility offers full access to the total collection of television shows from different countries of the world. In the application you need to pass authorization with the usual login and password. In this utility you can find series by name. A huge number of variants, translated foreign shows are presented in open access. Authorized users will be able to create personal bookmarks with TV series and then open previously saved projects. There is a certain section "I want to watch". The utility informs how much time is left for the new release of the next series of a famous TV series.

Installation and subsequent viewing

The utility will help you select a TV series, season, as well as a specific episode with a suitable translation. As in Out of Season, you can watch any show, either in native dubbing or with subtitles. To view a particular resource, you will need to install a third-party player. On the phone in this case, you will have to install a player, a file installer.

Advantages of the application

  • You can watch and download movie projects from the Seasonvar portal;
  • It is proposed to study notifications about upcoming episodes;
  • There are projects with different voiceovers;
  • It is suggested to authorize by login and password directly from the official website;
  • Compatible with different Android variants.
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