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XVacuum Firmware

XVacuum Firmware
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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XVacuum Firmware is the most convenient and functional application designed for flashing robotic vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi. Using it, you can additionally install a Russian-language package on the mobile device, as well as change the voice. This utility is designed for use on smartphones with the Android operating system, which can be installed on a mobile device with a Russian-language interface.

How to change the language

The utility will help to carry out any local update of the language pack convenient for everyone on the robot, presented by Xiaomi. The software allows you to pour firmware, change languages on the phone. Once the utility is updated, the feature gets full access to additional changes. You also need to consider that some utility options do not work in emulators, as it requires direct access from the smartphone to install the firmware. In the Xiaomi Mi Robot Cleaner, the information provided is not copied, since it does not support more than one update. It is impossible to choose a language for the smart home, since the robot itself has a program in a foreign language.

Convenient firmware

Having installed this application, you will have to install a separate language pack, after which it is enough to unpack its memory into the smartphone. After that you have to reset some settings directly on the vacuum cleaner by pressing 2 keys installed on the body part of the device. After will have to synchronize using Wi Fi. Once the connection is made, you will have to open the utility, then go to a certain mode, namely Flash Sound, there you should find an unzipped package of different languages to run the installation file. If the main actions were performed correctly, then the robot will automatically run its own voiceover. It should be noted that this described method will not work on some models, more precisely on vacuum cleaners of the second generation.

Advantages of the application

  • You can Russify the vacuum cleaner;
  • It is enough to install and unzip the entire package presented;
  • It is convenient to synchronize via Wi Fi;
  • The utility is in the public domain for free;
  • Easy to combine with other Android variants.
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