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VCDS is a special utility (tool) with many functions that allows you to check VAG cars. The program scans the car ECU and supports OBD-II protocol diagnostics. VCDS performs scanning, interacting with control units that are installed in cars manufactured since 1997. This tool is suitable for monitoring Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen cars. Using this software, you check all the cars using the OBD-2 protocol. Before checking the equipment of the car, you should install OBD adapter, because without it the check is not possible.


This software scans statistical data from the ECUs that are responsible for the operation of the vehicle's main systems. You check the engine, ASR, OBS, electronics, chassis and other vehicle systems. In the main window of VCDS there is a choice of control unit, as well as an option to activate all necessary write and read operations. Take advantage of a special tool that reads and decodes error codes. In this program, you will scan the main systems of the car and detect breakdowns of all connected units. VCDS provides a summary of each stage of the scan. The software has some useful features. VCDS allows you to reset the service indicator with a single click. This option comes in handy for older autos that cannot be repaired. If needed, you toggle support for the common OBD-2 mode as well as diagnostics through different purpose ports. VCDS diagnoses information from devices that are connected via COM port or USB and NET interfaces. If you are an advanced user, you can change the protocol settings for a detailed check of the car's ECU. VCDS is an analog that works like VASS-5051, VAG-1551, and VAG-1552.


This tool is built with additional features and is a more advanced scanner than many of its counterparts. VCDS works on a free basis and contains Russian menu localization. Download this utility and enjoy its features and functions completely free of charge.

Key features

  • the program checks ECU and other systems of VAG cars;
  • the software scans data after connecting a physical adapter;
  • the utility finds error codes, making detailed reports in separate windows;
  • the tool has a simplified graphical environment, which is suitable for inexperienced users;
  • the program includes help in Russian.

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