Category: Online shopping and shopping
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 470


OTOMOTO is a functional application offered from a Polish developer dedicated to the realization of cheap cars. It is easily installed on mobile devices with Android operating system. Using this software users will be able to buy a used car or any other equipment. This virtual resource is available exclusively for residents of Poland. If you intend to buy the car of your dreams, but do not know how to realize it, you can use the services of this utility at any time.

Car search

For complete convenience of search on the main page of the utility you can select any categories, also users themselves can choose the variant of the vehicle. It should be noted that compared to the utility Drom, this site additionally offers ads, where you can find any technique from private individuals. It is offered the opportunity to set convenient parameters for the search, especially the installation of the make and model of the car, the year of its release, the fuel option, the power of the unit, the type of transmission. You can also sort ads by date of addition, price and relevance.


Using this application, users will be able to preview a detailed description, including technical features of the selected vehicle, where it is convenient to see photos and other features. There is a convenient chat for constant communication with the owner of the car.


  • The application can be installed and used for free;
  • You can buy any cars in Poland;
  • There is a function for selecting different ads in the public domain;
  • Offers a convenient option to contact the seller, but or send sms;
  • It is convenient to read any description of the vehicle, see photos of the car;
  • Compatible with different Android variants.
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