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Fcc Car Launcher

Fcc Car Launcher
Category: Launchers
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 570


Fcc Car Launcer is a program for Android phones, which gives you the opportunity to change the design of the main display. The program is useful for use on phones, tablets and car stereos.


Upon completion of downloading the program, it is required to set the theme of the visual appearance. Moreover, there is a huge number of widgets. When you download the application to your car stereo, the application gives you the option to put a map on the main display showing location data. It is possible to apply widgets to control the brightness level. The program allows you to create multiple desktops and move between them using gestures.


With the help of the program there is an opportunity to correct the auto music volume level change depending on the speed of the vehicle. Also in the program there is an option to calculate the distance traveled per day and the average speed of the vehicle. The program allows you to change the brightness of the display depending on the level of light. Moreover, it is possible to start displaying the speedometer on the phone display. In this case, its coloring will be different depending on the speed of the vehicle.


  • You can download the program for free;
  • Similar to Action Launcher, this program gives you the ability to change the visual appearance of the work menu;
  • The program can be downloaded to the car radio;
  • It is possible to add a map to the main display showing the current location;
  • There is a huge number of widgets;
  • There is an option to add multiple desktops;
  • The program functions on all Android phones.
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