VK Coffee

VK Coffee
Category: Social media
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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VK Coffee is an application (client) that provides quick access to the VKontakte social network from an Android mobile device. The graphical shell of the application is created in a simple design and is designed for inexperienced users. VK Coffee is an unofficial software that works without advertising, and also allows you to log in under different accounts. If necessary, you can use the invisible mode or is in the network "online", hiding the real presence in the network. The whole structure of this application is very similar to the official client for VKontakte.

About the client

The tools of this software do not differ from those available in the official application. You also chat, comment on photos and monitor the activity of friends. In VKCoffee you read "publics", listen to music and watch videos, as well as use additional features.

Useful features

  • access to the network through the "invisible" mode, hiding your real being online;
  • you will see the data when a social network user profile is created;
  • in the client you can print a message without showing the print indicator to the interlocutor;
  • quick reading of messages using the hidden mode (the status in the chat does not change);
  • you can quickly switch between accounts;
  • If necessary, the "permanent" status "online" can be activated.


VK Coffee is a third-party application that contains more features than the standard VKontakte client. While the official client has some ads, VKCoffee has none. In addition, the client contains auxiliary functions that help you "sit" in the social network in a comfortable mode. Third-party client is based on the "old shell" of the social network VKontakte. The new design of this "social network" did not please all fans of constant communication, so VK Coffee works on an interface that is very similar to the old version of the client.

Key features

  • quick correspondence with friends and search for new people;
  • networking in "hidden mode": typing emails and viewing them;
  • fast switching if you have more than one account in a social network;
  • there are no ads in this client;
  • this software works on "old" Android OS;
  • you can select the necessary parameter and make customization of work in the social network, using the hidden features of the client;
  • this client can be downloaded absolutely free.
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