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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Uplay is the digital distribution store of Ubisoft. In the client, you will download games of different genres as well as different content with many features. This digital store is equipped with a proprietary shell that runs games without any problems. Uplay has a library of games, news, and a built-in shell that allows you to run games through the "Steam" client. By installing this "Launcher" from Ubisoft, you can enjoy your favorite game, which is created by the French developer. In this shell you run games in offline mode, as well as, using multiplayer mode. The client has functions for "socials", taking advantage of which you can not only play with users, but also add friends. Using this software, you add players to the invitation list. You send off requests to play Assasins Creed, Watch Dogs or any other game. Don't forget that in Uplay you buy games, through "special" money that is inside the store. You also play without depositing any money by selecting a free game. If needed, you will exchange "real money" for in-game money, earning bonuses in the process. Passing this or that game, as well as participating in contests, you can use them in this store. Of course, buying a game with "real" money is much easier, through converting it into special-purpose currency, than earning bonuses. Earning bonuses, though, will make it fun for you to play with gamers. By taking advantage of these bonuses, you'll buy add-ons for various purposes

Key features

  • fast download of Ubisoft games;
  • the software has integrated features that allow you to find and add friends to the game;
  • there is in-game purchase for real money;
  • the application allows you to receive bonuses, converting which you get chips;
  • the client has a network cloud that stores game configurations and "saves";
  • the shell contains a system for obtaining achieves;
  • downloading games from the network, as well as installing updates to them.

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