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System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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dxcpl is a program that works as an "emulator" of the eleventh version of the API for older graphics cards that do not support DirectX 11. This software provides the launch of new games that are not "enabled" on older generation graphics cards. In practice, dxcpl launches Watch Dogs, Fallout 4 and Warface. Running computer games through this program, you will not see a high frame rate, but you will be able to fully play games. If you want to run the game in full DirectX 11 mode, you will have to upgrade your video card.

Working with the program

dxcpl is created in a simple graphical environment and is not a complicated software even for an inexperienced user. Before starting the game, run the file dxcpl.exe, and then in the Scope section specify the item "Edit List". Select the path to the exe. file of the game by copying it or entering the file browser. If necessary, configure to run multiple games by adding them to the list. Then you need to click on the "Apply" button without closing the software to activate it and start playing. dxcpl allows you to list games with DirectX 11 emulation enabled, and also offers other settings. The software has a choice of debugging mode, and an option that blocks error notifications. The program fixes most of the issues and errors that occur during the game or when launching it. If an error occurs while running the game, this program allows you to run WARP and other features. When customizing dxcpl, do not change the "default" settings. The creators of the utility have chosen the optimal mode for launching, which ensures launching in the best compatibility.


This program allows you to run games with DirectX 11 on video cards that are designed to run in the tenth version. If you run the game in this mode, be prepared to disable "next level graphics", as well as possible "flickering" textures. dxcpl is a unique tool that does not require a full installation and runs on OS Windows 7, 8 and 10 c 64 - bit library structure.

Key features

  • The software allows you to run games "new format" on old graphics chips that do not support DirectX 11 libraries;
  • the program is equipped with a list where you can add executable files for future game emulation;
  • the utility works on the new generation Windows OS;
  • the software supports work in background mode;
  • the graphical environment is created with a convenient working window and settings.

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