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Pony Creator 3

Pony Creator 3
Category: Other (Hobbies)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Pony Creator is an application that is created for fans of the cartoon My Little Pony. In the software you create a pony in two-dimensional format, using an editor with a wizard of steps, which helps to create a character even for an inexperienced user. Pony Creator will come in handy for parents who don't know what to do with a cranky child. Thanks to this software, you can go about your business, baby Pony Creator.

Application functionality

This application is suitable for fans of My Little Pony. In this software you will come up with a pony model and "draw" it using a step-by-step wizard. The functionality of the application is limited. Except for the creation of Pony Creator, you will not create anything progressive. After saving the finished picture, you will publish it online. If you want to play with a virtual friend, then this application will not suit you. Although the software is not advanced, the child will be delighted with virtual "Ponies", and adults will do their own thing. Pony Creator is so simple that your child will create a "pony" without much effort. There are no complicated functions in the program, so creating a character will not seem more complicated than assembling a mosaic or a primitive figure from a LEGO constructor. All the main elements of the program are located on the main screen. To create a simple pony model you need to specify the shape of its body, head, eye color, mane and tail. Pony Creator is equipped with two palettes: the first - ready-made colors, and the second - mixing shades at random. By picking an interesting background color, you will add accessories to your pony. Take advantage of hats, clothes and mustaches. Do not forget that this software build runs only on mobile devices with OSAndroid. Download the app and take advantage of it for free.

Age Category

In fact, Pony Creator is not designed for an adult audience, but is suitable only for entertainment. Children will appreciate this application in full, because the kid will need a lot of time to collect and study the toy.

Key features

  • Quickly create a "pony" from the cartoon, using ready-made templates;
  • the software has many templates for creating characters;
  • there is an adjustment to control the size, color and shape of animals;
  • the application is equipped with a color palette with convenient adjustment;
  • after completing the drawing, you will save it in a separate file;
  • the software is designed for children, but adults can use it to "kill" time;
  • the application works on Android OS of different generations.

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