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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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TRASSIR Client is a program (manager) that manages viewing video from cameras. In this software, you configure cameras and view all video recordings that were made during a certain period of time. TRASSIR Client is an advanced program that organizes a video surveillance system in a private home or enterprise. In fact, this manager is a single center that manages IP cameras that are connected to a computer. The software has a motion detector and face recognition. This client is distributed on a paid basis, but if you buy the cameras from an official store, the license comes "bundled" with the original IP cameras. Use the computer version of TRASSIR Client or the mobile application, which can be installed on Android OS, using the web version, which runs in many browsers.


The main task of TRASSIR Client is to broadcast the video stream that "comes" from IP-cameras. This software supports working with wireless cameras, dome-format cameras, as well as rotating cameras. The program allows you to view video from compact and indoor cameras. During the broadcast, the image that the camera receives is displayed in a separate window. You can choose the number of windows and their location on the workspace. TRASSIR Client offers settings in which all cameras display data in a comfortable format. If you have more than ten cameras connected to your surveillance system, the program shows small "previews" for each of them, which can be expanded to the main screen by clicking on a separate window. This manager allows you to switch between monitors. Quickly switch is done through a sliding panel, which is located at the top of the OS Windows desktop.

Interesting features

In TRASSIR Client you can record cameras and recognize faces using a special function. The software is able to "recognize" a person in the frame and "highlight" a small window with their name. Take advantage of the "motion detector" mode, in which the camera detects unnecessary objects in the frame and notifies the user about it.

Key Features

  • the software allows you to control the cameras that are connected to the video surveillance system;
  • there is a function that detects human movement and recognizes a person's face;
  • the program is suitable for working with different types of cameras;
  • the client is equipped with settings for selecting a "useful" working space;
  • the graphical environment of the program is fully localized into Russian.

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