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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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Motionin Joy is a special software that provides full gameplay using the gamepad from the Sony PlayStation 3 console (DualShock 3). The utility is created in a modern shell and is designed for inexperienced computer users. The graphical environment of the software does not contain complex configurations and detailed options.

About the Program

Motionin Joy will come in handy for players who like to have fun on the gamepad. This utility for PS3 recognizes controllers, and you simply configure their functions, choosing the best "configs" for comfortable gameplay. Most AAA-class projects are created not only for computers and laptops, but also for game consoles. Basically, the control in games is designed for gamepad owners. Therefore, for fans of "mouse and keyboard" there is a small problem in terms of settings to calibrate them for a full-fledged game. If you have a PlayStation 3 console, then using Motionin Joy, you will simplify your life by customizing your computer "for the controller". This software does not need a long setup and allows you to quickly configure the control.

Setup and connection

Setting up the software doesn't take much time. You need to connect the DualShock 3 gamepad to your computer using a cable with MicroUSB interface, and then select the button layout parameters. According to the reviews of many gamers, for a comfortable game, you need to choose a profile for the controller from Xbox 360. But not all buttons coincide "on purpose", because the configuration of joysticks Xbox 360 and PS 3 is slightly different. On the Xbox gamepad control is labeled with the letters X, Y, A, B, and the controller from PS 3 is created with geometric shapes - square, triangle, circle and cross.


The main disadvantage of the utility is dropouts and "bad" vibration. Remember that playing through a gamepad emulator, you will encounter various malfunctions and dropouts. If you do not have another option, then you can test the utility. After which you can compare the work of the joystick without emulation and draw a conclusion about the settings of the controller.

Key features

  • in the program you can use the layout of the Xbox 360 gamepad;
  • during the game with vibration mode you can see malfunctions and inaccurate matching of actions;
  • the software does not require lengthy settings - connect the gamepad to the computer and play;
  • there are full-fledged action settings, which are tied to the "task" through the buttons;
  • control in your favorite games on the computer using the controller.

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