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TBC Bank

TBC Bank
Category: Finance
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 387


TBC Bank is a legal plug-in for Android gadgets, which was created by one of the largest banks in Georgia. With the support of the software, clients can control cards and accounts, and also see the history of payments.

Account management

In order to access the account, you need to enter the client's name and password. There is also the ability to create a new account. You need to enter your personal ID, smartphone number and email. After that, it is possible to see data about the balance of money on the balances. Customers can see the history of payments, deactivate or reissue the bank card. The plugin provides an opportunity to launch a deposit in the online format. Moreover, there are other products of the bank, including the possibility of registration of insurance.

Payments and transfers

With the support of the program, bank users can transfer finances to other customers by smartphone or card number. There is the ability to pay for communication, internet, housing and utilities, taxes and fines.

Branches and ATMs

The plugin provides the ability to find the closest bank branch or ATM on the map. To do this, you need to provide access to phone location tracking. You can also view data on the exchange rates of various currencies.


  • Distribution of the plugin is not for money;
  • Similar to Nordea Mobile software, this plug-in allows bank users to monitor their balance;
  • The ability to apply for any type of card is present;
  • Customers can start a deposit;
  • There is the ability to view the history of actions;
  • Compatible with all Andro id gadgets.
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