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ViPNet Client

ViPNet Client
Category: Data protection
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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ViPNet Client is a program that protects computers and servers from network threats in organizations and enterprises. This software is suitable for protecting companies where all documents are processed electronically. ViPNet Client is a full-fledged defender on the cryptographic level. The program consists of a firewall and a VPN client that provides access to protected resources. Using this program, you will create a secure channel through which you can transfer confidential files. This software is equipped with a certificate of the Federal Security Service of Russia. The program can be downloaded in three versions, which differ in the degree of protection in classes KS1, KS2 and KS3.


ViPNet Client consists of several modules. Using an integrated firewall, this software blocks strange connections so that you do not lose data. In addition to the network protector, the program includes a VPN client that protects packets of information by encrypting them during intranet operations. File encryption takes place on corporate networks as well as on a shared network. You can also use the program to handle emails, which is much better than Outlook.


In the program, you create "network" channels with protection over which you can transmit documents. This client is suitable for working in an encrypted conference call connection and IP telephony. The program creates network protection via TCP/IP protocol, as well as data exchange with devices that are in the corporate network. ViPNet Client "connects" keys in electronic format that communicate with the computer through secure channels to gain entry to the main modules of the network. This client will not start if you do not have a key with a password. Newer versions of this software support working with APMDZ.

Key features

  • the program is equipped with its own network protector and VPN-client;
  • the software shell provides creation of "hidden" communication channels so that data can be transmitted over corporate and public networks;
  • the client supports running comand on virtual servers in VDI environments;
  • the program can be integrated with third-party software by InfoTex (SysLocker, Connect and other creators;
  • this client can be installed on computers with OS Windows, as well as other operating system builds;
  • the software is created in a new-generation graphical environment and in a modern shell.

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