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Category: Customization
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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WindowsFix is a special utility that automatically fixes errors in OSWindows. Using this software, you will fix most of the errors automatically. WindowsFix is an official tool that fixes various kinds of problems in the system. This program can be used on desktop computers with OS Windows. Run this software OS Windows XP or new generation builds. The creators of the program do not demand money for their product. Download this utility in free mode. WindowsFix is a portable program, that is, it does not need to be installed on the system. After downloading the software, you immediately get to work by running the executable file. If you have a portable device, save this utility on it. You can also store the program on your computer's hard drive. It is best to create an archived copy of WindowsFix on your computer's hard disk. If you need to scan your system, use this utility by finding it in a folder. You won't be looking for a flash drive or external hard drive with the program on it. WindowsFix is a multifunctional software, although its main task is to automatically search for problems in the operating system. Use this software and fix all the problems that prevent the full-fledged operation of the Windows OS Explorer. This utility allows you to eliminate lags on the desktop, as well as find problems in the local network. This utility scans the computer and finds out the problems that do not allow you to connect certain devices. The software also removes problems

Key features

  • the program is available for free download;
  • the utility is distributed in portable mode (no installation required);
  • there is an automatic error search that saves the user's time;
  • the graphical environment is equipped with a step-by-step wizard that simplifies the work and management of the utility;
  • the program shows a list of actions (to choose from) that solve OS Windows problems.

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