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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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mLauncher is an explorer (launcher) that launches the game Minecraft. This software allows you to choose the right version of the client for the game and enter popular servers. The program quickly downloads the Minecraft client, and provides server selection, and downloads additional maps. The mLauncher is an assistant that provides a search for the distro on the internet. Through this program, you will edit configurations manually without wasting extra time. In the interface of this launcher will understand even an inexperienced computer user who has basic skills in working with software.


This Launcher not only downloads the latest updates of the Minecraft game. In the program you look for minigames and add-ons. The mLauncher features a graphical interface with special sections to perform unique operations. The program provides a search for LiteLoader, Forge or Optifine games, as well as their installation and additional maps to them. You install mods very quickly, because this process does not take more time than downloading the client itself. The main difference mLauncher - it is independent search and change the shell of the characters. Appearance can be selected using a convenient editor. Then the software applies all the changes with a single click. To put it simply, mLauncher is a direct competitor to the launcher TLauncher

working with the program

The graphical environment of the program is created in a simplified form simply. After downloading and launching the software, you will find the main menu, which has a list of servers, as well as statistics about the player's profile. If you logged into the program for the first time, you will need to create an account by clicking "Set up accounts". If necessary, you will log in through a ready-made Mojang "account" profile. After authorization, you will select the desired server by finding it in the list, and then click "Play". The program only works after the Java development environment is installed. If your computer has these libraries, then mLauncher will automatically go to the official source to download the software.

Key features

  • The program allows you to download and install Minecraft in the original build and mods to it;
  • if necessary, you can play in non-official maps;
  • quick change of standard player shells;
  • software does not need a full installation on your computer, because it is created in portable mode;
  • the graphical shell of the program is created in a modern design.
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