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av by
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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av by is a plugin for Android, which is created for selling and buying vehicles. Provides the ability to display ads and watch them. Represents a legal phone version of the platform with the same name. Developed for those living in Belarus.


To apply all the features of the plugin, you need to make a procedure to register with the entry of personal information. This is a protection against various operations of scammers and gives the opportunity to make a personal account.

Search ads

Plugin open access to the database of information very popular in Belarus platform, which has more than 64 thousand ads for the sale of vehicles. To all there are descriptions and pictures. There are offers from both ordinary people and car dealerships. To find a car, you need to adjust the parameters that will give you the opportunity to choose the right options. There is a selection of offers by such filters:
  • New or used;
  • Release date;
  • Brand;
  • Technical characteristics and the like.
You have the ability to save your favorite suggestions to a favorites folder. You can send your friends a link to your favorite vehicle using social networks or messengers such as WhatsApp. Moreover, there is the ability to apply for a loan or lease directly from the plugin.

Ads submission

You can submit ads from your account. From there you can also control them, including promotion in the listing. The plugin gives a non-paid takeoff up the offer once every twenty hours. The most virgin promotion exists for money. It gives the opportunity for the offer to remain at the top of the search results until the expiration of the time set by the client.


  • The plugin can be downloaded and applied for no money;
  • Represents a legal mobile version of a platform with a similar name;
  • Materials are updated every day;
  • Gives the ability to display and view offers for vehicles for sale;
  • There is the ability to borrow or lease;
  • There is a division of offers by type;
  • The plugin is compatible with all the latest Android operating system.
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