Category: Computer-aided design systems (CAD)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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X-Designer is a special program that is designed to create projects of landscape objects. In this software you can design a land plot, as well as create a 3D visualization to the finished plan.


The program will come in handy for professional designers who create "landscape projects" at a high level, as well as those who want to build an additional structure at home or at the dacha. X-Designer was created a long time ago, so do not expect high quality images. If you need a convenient program that provides landscape design, then download it and work without spending a lot of time on work.


X-Designer is a 3D model builder that allows you to assemble landscape models without using templates. The program does not contain special schemes, that is, you construct objects in any order. Generation of 3D models in any order is not supported. You can use ready-made blanks, and then create a project. Select the desired size of the plot, and put the current time of day and season. After selecting the necessary settings, you will start creating projects. X-Designer provides the design of terrain objects, hills or "hollows". All object models can be filled with water, and you can plant various plants. Plant grass, flowers, trees, and complete the landscape with buildings of different formats. If necessary, you can add gazebos and other decorative elements. At the final stage you can deal with the arrangement of details: put lanterns, decorative stones, benches and other elements of landscape design. Viewing the three-dimensional model, you can turn the camera around, inspecting the finished layout from any angle. All works are saved in popular graphic formats. If necessary, you can add your designs to the printout using the editor function

Key Features

  • the editor allows you to create three-dimensional models of houses and surroundings;
  • the software provides a choice of textures for buildings and additional elements of the home site;
  • the program allows you to view the finished models from different camera angles;
  • the editor saves graphic files in different formats, and also allows you to print them;
  • the program does not support creation of arbitrary models of objects - selection of ready-made materials is available;
  • the program does not belong to the category of advanced editors, so the quality of graphics is low;
  • the editor has a simple graphical environment with Russian localization.
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