Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 328


Cards - a cellular wallet for keeping bonus cards online. The plugin gives you the ability to pay and get discounts for buying things in retail outlets and getting different services.


The program provides the ability to digitize payment, transport and reward cards. Similar to Pass2U Vallet, the program works as an online business card holder, which can be used to pay for shopping, public transport, watching movies in theaters and other purposes. The cellular platform makes it possible to make unique cards for identity recognition, which carry the options of a driver's license or student ticket. There are appearing Quick Card windows in the program and inclusion of shortcuts to the working display. With this, they can be instantly accessed without having to launch the program. It is only necessary to molest the smartphone to the terminal, and the card will be independently applied. For the program to function properly, the phone must have NFS technology. If desired, the cellular platform can be used without this technology, providing merchants with a barcode on the display.


All cards made in the program are double protected in cloud storage to prevent hacking by scammers. The program has its own security that prevents you from taking screenshots. There is the ability to adjust the login protection with a fingerprint or password. In the situation of losing the phone online wallet can be closed from a distance.


  • There is content of rewards cards, credit cards, medical and transportation cards;
  • There is a division by type;
  • There is a personal barcode scanner;
  • Double protection in the cloud is created;
  • The program is downloaded and applied not for finances;
  • The software can work on all phones with Android software.
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