X-COP Updater

X-COP Updater
Category: Other (Portable Devices)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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X-COP Updater is a special software that updates the software (firmware) and file base of Neoline radar detectors. The program is equipped with a step-by-step wizard that simplifies work with files. X-COP Updater does not need to be installed, because it is created in portable mode. The software has a simple graphical environment that is suitable for inexperienced users. The utility is distributed on an official basis. You will have no problem updating the firmware on this device. Before updating the device, you need to install a USB driver that detects the active radar detector. A radar detector allows drivers to "see" radars and cameras that monitor speed. Using this program, you will be less likely to violate traffic rules and pay fines.


X-COP Updater works with X-COP 3100, 3200, 7500s, 8500 and other devices. The graphical interface has data about files (firmware) and voice commands that can be checked for operability. All libraries with updates contain official files. Updating files does not take a lot of time and allows you to improve the performance of the device. Do not restart your computer while updating your device. Do not forget that sometimes outdated firmware files are not suitable for newer devices. The program works on Windows OS, old and new generation, starting from Windows XP.


The graphical shell of the software is not difficult to use and is designed for the beginner. To run the program, you need to connect the radar detector using a USB cable. Then run the executable file x cop updater.exe and select the folder to the VOI and EFM files in the window that appears. Download the program from the official Neoline website. Then, clicking on the "Download" button, wait until the "update" of the files is completed. In the main window of the software there is data about the firmware build that you need to install on the device. The interface of the program is created in a modern design and does not contain complex elements.

Key features

  • Full-featured installation of firmware libraries for detectors;
  • installation of database updates;
  • the software can be used in portable mode;
  • the program is distributed officially from the developer;
  • the utility works on all Windows OS builds;
  • the software has additional options for individual configuration of firmware parameters.

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