Siemens NX

Siemens NX
Category: Computer-aided design systems (CAD)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Siemens NX is a program (a set of utilities and modules), which consists of CAD, CAM and CAE systems. This software is a universal tool used by professional engineers and designers. Siemens NX is a "complete system" for designing three-dimensional models. The program is suitable for creating complex 3D models in engineering projects. In this program you create projects in automatic mode. In the graphical environment of the software there are tools for creating drawings and 3D - models of different structures. Take advantage of this system and create your project with the help of engineering analysis tools. Siemens NX provides processing of a large database.


In fact, this tool is considered (CAD) for professionals. In the program you design accurate part models using a simple working shell with many tools that allow you to create designs in geometric calculations. The software has fast information exchange with the CAM system. In it you can prepare "future models" of parts of different complexity. The main feature of the program is the interconnection of all components of the system and their work, using one database that stores all projects. The program monitors this database using the CAE module. This module allows you to work with different types of analysis. In the interface of this system you create static and structural objects, as well as linear projects.

Additional tools

Siemens NX contains an additional tool - I-Deas module, which allows you to process and develop three-dimensional parts using a set of functions, as well as create drawings of 3D - models in automatic mode. New module assemblies allow you to calculate the acoustic impact, strength and impact resistance of the object. In the program you "test" the properties of objects using simulation mode.

Key features

  • this software is a new generation CAD program that creates a project of varying complexity;
  • integrated tools prepare for manufacturing (CAM) and engineering analysis (CAE);
  • the program allows you to calculate project proportions;
  • the software has settings for accurate design of standards in industrial format;
  • the software is available for use only under a commercial license;
  • the graphical environment of the software is not difficult to master and is suitable for beginners.

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