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WOW is a program (electronic handbook) that contains manuals and tools for diagnosing and repairing vehicles. This software is created by WurthGroup company. WOW allows you to view information in Russian. The program is equipped with a convenient graphical shell and a database of reference information about vehicles. In the software you will find detailed instructions that provide diagnosis and repair of different brands of cars. This reference book is used at car service centers. In similar programs, such as Delphi and AutoData do not have a graphical interface with Russian language. WOW is very popular software at professional car service centers, as well as among avid car enthusiasts.

Composition and features

The program consists of a database, which includes many reference books with pictures and schematics for different brands of cars of different years of production. Using this reference database, you will look at data about domestic and western cars. WOW has help on wiring diagrams, tips on car systems maintenance and other data that allows you to troubleshoot and check the technical parameters of the engine and different systems of the car. In addition, you will read reference materials on working with individual components and devices of the car. You will find information about proper tightening of nuts and other car components. The main feature of this software is support for working with OBD-adapters of different classes. For full use of special functions you need to buy a license for this program. In these guides you will view text data, graphic pictures and schemes, photos of cars, as well as other information in the form of charts and graphs.

Working with the program

When you launch WOW, you select the desired car brand and start studying the detailed instructions. An interesting feature of the program is separate catalogs that contain information about gasoline and diesel engine cars. If needed, you will use subsections for maintenance of different engine models of the same car. The graphical environment of the program is created simply and conveniently. WOW does not contain unnecessary items that cause difficulties in operation.

Key features

  • fast diagnostics of cars of different brands;
  • the program supports old OBD-adapters;
  • the program has a huge database of reference documentation with tips on repair and maintenance of cars;
  • the software is localized into Russian;
  • the graphical interface of the program has no complex panels, and it is designed for beginners;
  • WOW works on old and new generation Windows OS.
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