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Autocom CDP

Autocom CDP
Category: Other (System)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Autocom CDP is a program that performs diagnostics of cars of different brands. In the program you check the technical condition of cars and troubleshoot problems. Autocom CDP is designed to work with an adapter that works according to the OBD-II protocol. The software allows you to get information using a special adapter that reads the error codes of the electronic block of the car. Using this tool, you will perform tests for different systems of the car. The graphical shell of the program is designed for an entry-level user.


The main functions of the program are reading break codes and deleting them, viewing vehicle information that is displayed in real time, as well as performing various tests. Quick start of the software requires connection to the car and entering the VIN. If it is not available - enter the technical parameters to test the auto. Autocom CDP is a universal program that provides reading data from the ECU of cars of different manufacturers.


Autocom CDP is available on a paid basis. You will not be able to use the trial period of the software, i.e. you will have to buy a license. In addition, the creators of this "tool" give a subscription for 1 year, that is - for a 12-month license you need to pay a lot of money. The license for this program is available in different variants. You can use a subscription to the regular version of the software or buy a software with advanced features. Do not forget that the adapter itself costs a lot of money.


To run Autocom CDP you will need a computer with 2 GB of free space on the hard disk, as well as .NET Framework 3.5. On computers with OS Windows XP, the program runs only on the latest Service Pack. Synchronization of this software and full-fledged work with electronic control units of the car is provided via USB cable or Bluetooth.

Key features

  • quick check of the technical condition of vehicles of different categories;
  • identification of vehicle models via VIN-code;
  • there is no test period in the software to work in the shell;
  • the program reads and deletes trouble codes;
  • the utility does not require a lot of space on the computer hard disk and powerful hardware;
  • scanning is performed through an adapter, which is connected via USB cable or Bluetooth network;
  • all databases with error information are updated in real time.
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