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ds150e is a program that shows the technical condition of the car. In the software you work with OBD-adapter, performing diagnostics of the car. The ds150e checks information about all ECUs that are in the vehicle. The program is also distributed under the brands "Delphi Cars" or "Autocom Cars". The program helps to test the state of the vehicle through a special adapter, performing diagnostics of the whole car via OBD-II protocol.


The main advantage of the software is that it supports the test of all car systems of domestic and western production. The program scans ECUs from different car manufacturers and is also compatible with different versions of the ds150e adapter. You can test your car via Bluetooth or USB cable. After connecting the adapter to the computer, you get a "visual model" of the main parameters of the "car". Breakdown statistics are displayed in the form of graphs or charts. In the software, you will check the data from the ECU, which are responsible for the operation of the engine, ABS, chassis, dashboard, temperature indicators and other parameters. In addition to complete diagnostics of car systems, ds150e activates certain car components and reads error codes. The found codes will be displayed on a special section of the software. There you will be able to decipher them, as well as learn reference data about troubleshooting methods.

Additional functions

Additional features of the software are the function of adapting various systems and checking the VIN-code of the car. The program also provides ECU "firmware" settings, as well as controls special functions. If necessary, you can reset the indicators, like "Check Engine". Graphical shell ds150e localized into Russian. The utility has a detailed help, which allows inexperienced users to learn the features and functions. The help is created in English. Now the project "Delphi Cars" is not updated by the creators. On computers with a new-generation operating system, there are problems with the launch and activation of the software.

Key features

  • the program works with both versions of the adapter with and without Bluetooth;
  • diagnostics of car systems of different brands and obtaining data from ECU;
  • making a list with error codes;
  • resetting system indicators;
  • checking the car by its VIN-code;
  • all statistics with errors is displayed in a convenient shell.
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