Category: Recording
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 263


BSPlayer is a video player program for Android cellular gadgets. The program works with a huge number of formats such as FLV, MKV, MOV, MPG, MTS, AVI and others. Clients can select the audio track and include external subtitles. There is also the ability to make a playlist.

Video Search

After starting the program, you need to access the internal storage of your phone. Then a list of all videos will be displayed on your cell phone. Moreover, there is a possibility to add data from external sources. To do this, enter the URL address. The program allows you to view clips and listen to audio that are located in network shared folders. A Wi-Fi connection is required. Clients can make playlists, as well as categorize data by volume, name and time of creation.


While watching videos, there is the ability to change the display speed and size. There is an option to automatically find subtitles to a movie or series. There is a functioning of the program in background format. Customers can start showing videos in a separate window, which will be above other programs. In a separate menu remains the history of viewing.


  • The program is available for free;
  • Similar to KMPlayer, this program gives you the ability to show clips;
  • The above program has the ability to connect external subtitles and select a track with audio;
  • There is an option of hardware speed increase;
  • Several display formats are available;
  • Clients can view streaming clips from external sources;
  • The program is compatible with new Android views.
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