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System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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HDRezka is a mobile client where you can watch movies and TV series. The application is free and works on mobile devices with Android OS. The software has a simple and clear graphical shell, which is suitable for inexperienced users. The application has a convenient panel for displaying files, which allows you to view screenshots of the movie or series when you need to find the next movie. HDRezka works without restrictions on watching movies and TV series. In a convenient catalog, you can choose the necessary content and watch it at any time. The client is suitable for online video lovers who prefer to watch movies on a mobile device. Watching videos through a mobile browser, do not forget that sometimes the recording is interrupted. HDRezka's online movie theater is more stable and allows you to choose the playback quality.

Application features

This application is created with easy navigation that allows you to go to the desired sections, search for movies, TV series and cartoons. Use the cataloger and select a section to watch your favorite movies. Add your favorite content to "Favorites" so you don't have to search for a movie or TV series when you want to watch a new episode. The software has a viewing history, using which you can easily find your favorite movies in the corresponding section if you forgot to add it to "Favorites". When searching for media files, HDRezka displays a synopsis and detailed data about the movie, its rating and other information.


HDRezka for Android Theme is created with a user-friendly graphical shell and provides free online movie watching. Download HDRezka online - HDRezka movie theater that provides movie watching on mobile devices. The graphical environment of the application is created in a minimalistic mode and is designed for non-experienced users. Download the application installer by clicking on the "Download" button and use the online movie theater without restrictions.

Key features

  • Built-in movie search through the rubricator and catalogs;
  • you can select voiceovers and season episodes in the series;
  • the application allows you to add media content to "Favorites";
  • the software allows you to change the resolution of the "picture";
  • the video is playable in other players;
  • the graphical environment is created simply and conveniently with a minimum number of settings;
  • the software runs on the current OS Android.
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