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Category: Entertainment
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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MY GAMES Cloud is a specially created application for devices running on the Android system. The utility makes it possible to run any games from the gadget based on cloud gamification.


The application makes it possible to launch any game from any gadget. It is not necessary to have a powerful smartphone or tablet. The utility works based on the use of independent servers, so space on the gadget will not be used. Also MY GAMES Cloud works stably only with a stable internet connection. For the application is suitable for both fixed Internet and wireless wi-fi. The utility supports the configuration and use of computer mouse and keyboard. You can connect accessories using Bluetooth and OTG adapter. The application allows the user to use and own accounts of such popular resources as, Twich, VK, Odnoklassniki. Also available to the user to customize the ping and the ability to check the connection and server load.

Game catalog

MY GAMES Cloud contains more than 420 games of various themes. Among the games installed for download you can find many popular games.The user has a convenient way to find a suitable game: using the built-in search by genre and title. The catalog has quite a large selection of genres, including racing and strategy, simulators, shooters, puzzles, etc. Each game in the catalog is accompanied by a description and the obligatory video trailer. To launch the game you need to click on "Play in the cloud". The user should also take into account the fact that the application has tariffs. To get more time you need to buy a tariff for a certain number of hours.


The application has a number of features:
  • Free access;
  • Free download;
  • Free use;
  • Availability of cloud servers;
  • Ping customization;
  • Ability to download games;
  • Affordable tariff grid;
  • Wide catalog with more than 420 games;
  • Function of saving session histories.
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