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Category: Services
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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BestChange is a mobile application designed to help users who are constantly following the changing exchange rates of digital currency. In it there is an opportunity to find out in real time where it is most profitable to exchange cryptocurrency or electronic money.


The program is able to use online - a service that has long been trusted, it has been on the market for more than twenty years. The development is an extensive site that is able to constantly monitor all changes in the field of exchange. All relevant information from more than three hundred exchange offices is stacked here every second. Their list includes NXT, BitObmen, UniEx and many others. The interface lists all possible exchangers, and the exact exchange rate of cryptocurrency and other types of electronic money is displayed here. The user can also find out how much money he will be given during the exchange, and in each institution from a common base. Opposite each item is displayed the reserve. For the most scrupulous there is an option that before the transaction you can read reviews from real customers who have previously made the exchange.


The utility provides access to international and national listings. Any currency can be found by its name alone. But the direction of exchange is selected in manual mode. It is worth knowing that the development has nothing to do with the official Best Change service, so you should use it with the utmost caution. Customers often complain about constant crashes, hangs and the inability to perform the main options of the program.

Interface features

  • The content has no official confirmation;
  • All exchangers with attractive rates in one program;
  • Transactions are carried out with electronic money;
  • True reviews are displayed in the utility;
  • The application is Russified;
  • There is a choice of direction for the transaction;
  • The app does not require payment;
  • It is suitable for Android-based mobile devices.
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