Category: News
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Medium is a mobile utility for Android devices. The app provides access to an online newspaper where you can read posts from other people as well as write your own notes.

A feed of publications

The program offers access to an extensive number of blogs from different people. Thanks to this, users can study news and other publications from people around the globe. Even some famous people, including Pavel Durov, the creator of the social network VKontakte, post articles on the service VKontakte and the famous messenger Telegram users can customize their publication feed. To do this, it is necessary to specify the topics of interest. Among the topics offered by the program are: history, books, psychology, programming, photography, politics, movies, tourism, comics, technology, work, mathematics, television, music, sports, design, video games, humor and so on. Thanks to this, each user can follow the topics that interest them. The application has a function of individual recommendations. With its help, the service selects the most interesting articles based on the user's preferences. In a separate tab you can see the most popular posts. It is also possible to add any publications to the archive in order to return to reading them at another time.

Creating articles

Each user has the ability to write their own posts. For this purpose, the application has a built-in editor for writing text and subsequent design of the post. Users can attach links, pictures and so on to their posts. On the platform you can publish not only analytical and news articles, but also your own stories, life stories and much more. The service hosts posts of many different topics and formats.


  • Free installation and use;
  • A feed with posts from other users;
  • Ability to write your own articles on various topics;
  • Subscribe to favorite authors;
  • Support for current versions of Android.
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