Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 235


Vault is an Android application that allows you to differentiate access to your personal information. You can protect various files, including documents, videos, and photos. A full-featured browser is integrated, allowing you to open Internet resources in full anonymity.


At the first startup you need to think up a password. It should be quite complex, as it will be used to access hidden content and programs. Next, the main screen will display the available actions. For example, you can hide personal photos and videos. They will not be displayed in the standard gallery - access is possible only through a special secret album with a password. It is possible to create a backup copy of mobile device settings with the possibility to restore them in the future (they are stored as a file). You can set up synchronization with a directory in the cloud.

Access blocking

Another useful tool is the ability to set a lock for individual applications. This can be used, for example, if your smartphone is frequently used by a child or if you want to prevent access to email or a social networking client. Blocking can be organized in two ways. In the first case, you only need to enter the previously invented password to continue launching. In the second case, first a system error is simulated, to continue you need to hold your finger on the confirmation key, wait for the password entry form and enter it.


  • access to all functions is free of charge;
  • compatible with all versions of Android;
  • it is possible to restrict access to the gallery;
  • function to block access to certain applications;
  • integrated full-featured browser for incognito mode.

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