Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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The utility allows you to change faces in photos or videos, and the user can use it to insert a snapshot of another person. If desired, it is allowed to make your own selfies for further use as a basis. An alternative option is to choose a ready-made image from the gallery. The FaceMagic application is designed for the Android platform. With its help, you can perform face replacement on a photo or video, that is, substitute the required fragment. There are the following categories:
  • new;
  • popular
  • funny;
  • from movies;
  • national costumes;
  • festive;
  • TikTok.
The user can select a favorite clip to perform the swap. Some content in the catalog is blocked.

Processing and saving

The user takes selfies or selects a photo from the gallery. It is desirable to choose images where people look directly into the camera and the face is in the center. It is possible to replace several fragments, but in this case you need several photos. It takes a few seconds on average to process and get the desired result. After viewing, the user can save the result in the gallery. You can use the application for free for 7 days.

Paid functionality

A watermark will be applied to the processed images. A Pro account will be required to unmark. Subscription can be monthly or yearly. Premium functionality will give you access to the full toolkit and an unlimited number of saves.

Main features

  • The ability to download and use the utility for free to make changes to the selected image;
  • the presence of simple tools with which you can make face substitution in cajra;
  • work with the use of innovative technologies of artificial intelligence;
  • application on the image and video protection in the form of a watermark, acting as a kind of protection;
  • the existence of paid options, with the help of which the functionality is significantly expanded;
  • compatibility with the current operating Android versions.
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