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System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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One of the most powerful emulating devices for PlayStation 4 DualShock, which allows you to use all the functions of the gamepad to play games on your computer. A special application to be installed on your computer called DS4Windows allows you to fully control the DualShock 4 wireless device if it is connected to your computer via the USB connector. This device is mainly used by Sony Playstation 4 console players, but when connected to a PC, you can use it to play tabletop games without having to connect to the original console. It emulates well on versions of Windows 7 and other weaker versions of the operating system from the manufacturer Microsoft.

What the emulator can do

DualShock 4 is a great application that will allow you to control multiple gamepads that can be plugged into a microUSB cable or if you have a "blue tooth" Bluetooth adapter. Like some other applications emulating devices, this program can disguise the connected device as a completely different, DualShock 4 stops in the adapter from Xbox 360 that can be used for the computer and enjoys support from the Windows operating system (the manufacturer is the same). However, there is a small disadvantage, because when emulating the gamepad you will see the settings and standard buttons from the Xbox gamepad. But this is hardly an inconvenience to you, because the standard buttons can be reassigned to your own. DualShock 4 can be used in almost any game with the ability to use the controller from Xbox. The application can change all the default button assignments on the gamepad to any convenient including additional parameters of joystick backlighting, sensitivity of controlled sticks, built-in microphone if necessary and other parameters including audio settings. All necessary settings are saved in a special profile, which allows you to load them when you start the game, in case you left the game and entered another one, which also saved a profile of settings, on the gamepad you can switch the profile simply, you can hold both fingers on the touchpad forward or backward and get automatic settings for one or another preset game.

Setup instructions

Run the application from the downloaded archive, install the driver that will be responsible for processing data from the application with which the DualShock 4 is connected. When using an operating system below Windows 8, you will need to install and the program for the controller Xbox (so that through this application program was able to emulate the controller). Next, reboot the computer. Before that, make sure that you have the latest version of .NET.Framework 4.5 - which can be downloaded for free on the official Microsoft website.

Key features

  • You can use the gamepad from the console DualShock 4 for PC;
  • Can customize almost everything from the microphone to the touchpad;
  • Can memorize settings profiles for different games;
  • Interface is fully in Russian, easy to use;
  • Can work offline without installing on PC4
  • Easy setup for beginners.
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