Category: Drawing
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Gaugan is an Android application that provides access to the neural network from the American firm NVIDIA. Using the utility, you can generate pictures in different styles, as well as edit already created ones.


The main function of the utility is to create images based on user requests. For this purpose, artificial intelligence is used, which was trained by processing a huge number of pictures, mainly landscapes. According to the creators of the neural network, it learns the relationship between visual details and text, thereby improving the quality of its work. NVIDIA's neural network can not only generate unique pictures based on text commands, but also modify existing ones. Thus, a user can ask the AI to increase the number of trees in the image or add a river. The neural network will independently refine the picture so that the new details fit into the composition.


An interesting feature of the utility is the presence of a virtual canvas. Users can use it to draw some details of the future picture. After that, the artificial intelligence will finish the image on its own. To create or edit paintings, the user can use text commands. In most cases, it is enough to write a few words. The utility has a catalog with artistic styles in which the AI draws. The user can select any of them before starting the generation. Due to the fact that the neural network has been trained on a huge number of different images, users can get extremely detailed landscapes. The artificial intelligence is capable of handling multiple layers.


  • Free neural network for creating pictures;
  • Ability to edit images;
  • Drawing in multiple layers;
  • Support for the latest OC versions.
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