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USB Endoscope

USB Endoscope
Category: Tools
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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The app is designed to make it easy for the simple user to interact with cameras and endoscopes connected via USB, the advanced functionality allows you to view live images and save video to your device. USBEndoscope is an application that extends the functionality of an OTG enabled device, thanks to it you can connect an external camera directly to your Android device.

Ability to

By installing the USB Endoscope application you will be able to view images from the connected camera and also the functionality allows you to record a video or take a photo and save it to your device. The interface of the program will be understandable to anyone who has previously used the standard camera application. Intuitive and simple interface allows you to simply click on the virtual buttons that allow you to record video files from the camera, save pictures, as well as its own manager of created files. The application can be customized to your individual needs, you should go to the settings section right after installing USB Endoscope. In this section you can choose the quality of the stored sound, it is also worth paying attention to the choice of the quality of the stored video. It is worth considering that good quality will take up more space on the device. You can also choose the functionality of the built-in gallery, and many additional adjustments.


Every year the pre-installed software on Android mobile devices is modified, but at the moment the ability to control external cameras is not initially available. Therefore, it is worth installing third-party programs to control USB Endoscopes connected via OTG. The USB Endoscope program can turn your Android mobile device into a device for interacting with external cameras connected via USB. The program also works with electronic medical microscopes working via USB cable.

Main features

  • connection and control of video cameras and other medical video equipment;
  • saving photo and video materials received from cameras;
  • Using the device's memory to store photos and videos;
  • USB OTG support is required on the smartphone;
  • availability of a common version of Android;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • free distribution.
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