VR Box

VR Box
Category: Utilities for games
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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An application that allows you to search and download VR games and other similar applications. Owners of virtual reality glasses will appreciate the application. In cases where there are VR glasses: a gift, or buy them for interest, there is certainly a need to download game content, virtual tour, applications and various "demos" for the purchased device. To cope with the solution to this difficult task is possible with the help of the application "Games for VR Box".


In addition to its direct purpose - the search for game content for VR glasses, the application has other catalogs available for download, such as "Adventures", "Modeling", etc. Some of the most popular types of games downloaded from "Games for VR Box" are:
  • Racing;
  • Arcades;
  • Active/Sports;
  • Travel or Adventure related.
The variety of genres presented is great, so every user will find something that really interests him. Whether it is a horror game or a golf simulator, the choice in the application "Games for VR Box" is huge. Searching for the latest programs or games is intuitive to use, you only need to move through the categories of the catalog presented. In order to download the necessary game is enough to use the integrated search system. A bonus is that most of the presented content is available for free download. But there is a downside - since the application is free, you have to view and a large number of ads.


For full-fledged work with the application, in addition to having a phone and virtual glasses should be purchased a controller that supports Bluetooth. You also need a client Cardboard without the help of which the application "Games for VR Box" will not be able to fully function and start. Instead of working mode, only a darkened screen is displayed.


  • Using the app, you can download apps and games for VR glasses;
  • To use "Games for VR Box" you need a Bluetooth controller;
  • Separate thematic sections, the application works in a completely free mode;
  • The menu is fully in Russian, which can be mastered even by a beginner;
  • Compatible with Android device with version 4.0.3 and more recent;
  • There is built-in advertising.
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