Mp3 music

Mp3 music
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Mp3 Music is not only a popular but also quite functional application. It is ideal for all smartphones that support the famous Android platform. The essence of the program is that now users can listen to their favorite musical compositions, doing it on their mobile device.


If you start to study the interface of the program, you will get to understand, it is extremely simple. This includes tabs, and you can switch between them with the help of the navigation bar, which is located at the top of the screen. Here you can also find sections such as songs, folders, settings and much more. Thus, the user has a unique opportunity to customize the application. It should be added that folders in general, with the exception of settings, are usually created for the purpose of convenient distribution of songs. This can not fail to include also such an advantage as simplified navigation. I would like to emphasize the aspect that in each section you can find a search bar. As for the settings, here users have the opportunity to start scanning music in the internal memory of the smartphone. In addition, you can change the theme, language, set a timer, hide tabs and so on.


We cannot fail to add, the playback of musical compositions is carried out due to the presence of a built-in player. It is characterized by both convenience and functionality. In addition, with its help it will be possible to loop the track.


  • Listening to musical compositions;
  • Download the application is available in free mode;
  • A huge number of useful functions;
  • Simple interface, which the user will be able to customize. It is and extremely simple, which means that everyone will be able to understand it;
  • The program is ideal for all Android-based smartphones;
  • There is advertising content;
  • You can download new songs via a network connection.

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