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BT Notifier

BT Notifier
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
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The BT Notifier app helps the user to synchronize the smart watch. All notifications from the watch will be sent to your Android smartphone or tablet. The application is designed specifically for smart watches. The program will ensure the exchange and transfer of data between these devices.


The BT Notifier app has a large number of settings with which the user can manage notifications. You can prioritize the importance of notifications (high or low). Some programs can be blacklisted. Blacklisted programs will not be able to send notifications to the smart watch. All notifications (calls, messages and other notifications) will be visible on the smart watch screen. Before you can view notifications on your watch, you need to synchronize your mobile device and smart watch. To do this, you will need to follow some steps. This process will not take much time. The user should scan the QR code from his smartphone or tablet. It is located under the camera of the mobile device. Then it is necessary to confirm synchronization on the smart watch.

Intended use

BT Notifier and other similar applications are designed to synchronize your smartphone and watch. They act as a conduit between these devices. Synchronization takes place using Bluetooth. The use of this technology is gradually moving away, but it is a popular data transmitter among users. Bluetooth is hardly used for transferring files from smartphones these days. It is great for synchronizing a smart watch and a smartphone on the Android operating system. Once the connection between the devices is established, the user will be able to view all the notifications coming to the mobile device. You can receive calls and read messages on the smart watch.

The main features of BT Notifier app:

  1. Synchronization between smart watch and mobile device. Smartphone or tablet must be running on Android operating system.
  2. With the help of settings, you can manage all the notifications you receive.
  3. The application does not work on all smart watch models.
  4. The interface of the program is in English.
  5. Works only on devices with a high version of the Android operating system.
  6. You can use the application for free.

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