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Onlinebank HALYK

Onlinebank HALYK
Category: Services
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Onlinebank HALYK is a mobile Android client of online service from Kazakh bank. Through the utility the user can use banking services wherever he is. There are functions for tracking expenses, Internet payments and much more. There is a built-in map.

Account management

The functionality of the mobile program allows clients of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan to manage their accounts and make financial transactions. At the same time, you do not need to visit the company's offices. Any transfers, account creation and much more can be done through the mobile utility. It should be noted that in order to use the program, the user must have a contract with the previously mentioned bank. Entry to the utility is done by entering a code from SMS, which is sent to the phone number approved in the contract. The mobile program is able to send notifications to the user's gadget. All sent notifications are saved in a separate tab of the utility, where the user can study the data on all notifications with the time of their sending to the device. Through this utility the user can open the built-in map. All nearby bank branches are displayed on it. This will be extremely useful in a situation where a person still needs to visit a bank office.

Account statements

In one of the utility's tabs, the user will find his account statements. A person can find out detailed information about each financial transaction, including the amount of money and the exact date of the transaction. To make the search for the necessary transactions easier and faster, the developers have added filters. With their help, you can sort transactions by various criteria, including monetary amount, time, and so on. Through the utility, you can find out detailed data on any payments and orders. It is possible to see the signature, number, time of creation and much more.


  • Free utility for current versions of OC;
  • Program functionality is available to Kazakh bank customers;
  • Management of own accounts;
  • Notification history.
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