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System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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"ZVET" is an application designed specifically for smartphones with Android operating system. It is ideal for long listening to music without time limits, as well as for downloading various songs.

Player operation

Before you can start listening to music, the app will need to grant access to the smartphone's memory so that it can find audio files. It is not necessary to register in "ZVET", so users will be able to start listening to their favorite songs in a couple of seconds after downloading. The application has the following tabs, which add more convenience to the user:
  • "Home Page";
  • "New songs";
  • "Popular";
  • "Favorites";
  • "Song Search";
  • "Settings".
The main page of "ZVET" will contain thematic selections, for example, "Best songs for children's matinee" or "Hits of the 90s". Such selections will help to save the user's time and provide him with all the necessary tracks for the appropriate mood. Music playback is performed with the help of the player available in the utility.

Other features

You can play tracks one after another or in random order. You can also add songs you like to the Favorites tab. The "Repeat" icon makes the song "spin" in a circle. Music is loaded even in the background. All tracks after saving fall into the internal memory of the smartphone. Search for songs is carried out using a special search bar. In the tab "Settings" you can make adjustments to some parameters, communicate with a specialist from the support service, and also, if desired, support the project with donations. "ZVET" differs from other applications with a stylish and convenient interface, which will be understandable to every user.


  • listening to music is free and without restrictions;
  • extensive database of tracks;
  • songs can be added to "Favorites";
  • free download and use;
  • the application is compatible with many versions of Android OS.
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