Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Livestream is the official Android client for accessing the popular online marketplace. The user is able to get full access to content through their smartphone.


To use the program, a Facebook account or the streaming platform itself is required. The catalog contains broadcasts on a variety of topics: nature, humor, informative, space, cars and more. In the settings you can immediately specify the topics that are most interesting. This will allow you to receive notifications and a personalized recommendation feed. Access to the current live broadcasts is carried out through the Live section. A separate panel displays information about planned broadcasts, provides access to archive records. There is also a section "Popular" with a selection of broadcasts and accounts with a large number of subscribers. When working via Facebook you can display a list of social network friends who have also connected to the platform.

Viewing and recording

There is a lot of content in the catalog, so at any time of day you can find a stream of suitable topics. Available categories: sports, animals, news, music, technology and others. The application has an integrated video player that provides all the necessary functionality. Videos can be launched in full-screen mode, you can customize the brightness, quality and sound level, statistics of ratings and viewers online are displayed. It is worth considering that the ability to run your own streams is available only in the paid version of the program. The corresponding download link is located in the settings.


  • access to online broadcasts from around the world;
  • built-in player for launching videos;
  • personalized recommendations and a system of notifications about the beginning of the broadcast;
  • authorization is required to work;
  • English language interface;
  • the application can be downloaded for free;
  • to start your own streams you need to upgrade to the paid version.
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