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Simple Control

Simple Control
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 196


Simple Control is an application developed for Android devices that allows you to create a quick control panel for your mobile device and customize it. You can place it in different areas of the display. It is possible to add different icons, for example, for navigation.

How to choose icons

When launching the application, the user can make a choice of buttons that he would like to see on the quick access panel. They can contain icons of the applications and services that are used. There are 5 buttons available. For example, controlling sound, camera, e-mail, creating screenshots, allowing calls and so on. Users are encouraged to customize the floating arrangement.

Sizing and options

Users can change the size and transparency of the panel itself and icons. It is possible to customize the actions that will trigger the activation of certain functions. For example, a click will launch some options, and a swipe or a long tap - others. According to this scheme, different functions are assigned to each of the 5 buttons. Simple Control can work in the so-called background mode. In this regard, it is required to add it to the white list of programs that are responsible for power consumption on the phone.

List of features

  • the application under consideration is downloaded and installed free of charge;
  • it is possible to create and customize the control panel. All this is done quite quickly and easily, you do not need any special knowledge and skills;
  • if desired, you can change its appearance;
  • comfortable work in the background;
  • compatibility with the latest versions of Android OS. There are no failures in operation, lags and errors.
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