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Kyocera Client Tool

Kyocera Client Tool
Category: Print
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Application for Kyocera devices. It is intended for MFP computer hardware with 1125, 1120, 1025, and 1020 modifications as a control environment. It is a software environment for modifying control signals to control the operation of multifunction devices from the official distributor of these devices and their models. When using the application, it is possible to modify control signals instead of standardized print and scan signals. Allows you to perform diagnostic testing of devices with correction of detected problems, if it is possible to correct it without delivery to the service center and only at the level of the program operation.

Interface capabilities

The application has a rather pragmatic graphical shell. The parameters offered by the application and available in the device management are divided into corresponding subsections. The "Printing" subsection allows you to set the refresh rate for the drum. You can select the consumption of toner for printing purposes, which will affect the quality level of printing. The application can change the page orientation. The "Scanner" subsection offers using sliders to select the resolution level, source file format and the number of "passes" corresponding to each document. Besides these two subsections, there is a service subsection. Here you can view the list of devices connected to the multifunctional device to assign access rights to each of them. The application allows you to get detailed data about the technical means, transfer the device to the maintenance version of the work and perform cleaning of the feeding nozzles and adjust the parameters of the print head. A special subsection with facsimile parameters is dedicated to certain modifications of MFPs. Management of the application is fully russified.

Models for which the application is available

This modification works with the above versions of multifunctional devices. Application variants for other MFPs are available for download from the manufacturer's website. The application functions perfectly with any modification of operating systems Windows. For download is available all the time, in addition, absolutely free.

Some nuances

  • it is possible to manage printing and scanning;
  • performs service operations;
  • it is possible to reconfigure access rights;
  • collects data about the connected equipment;
  • simple operation, the interface is russified.
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