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Photograph Art Lab

Photograph Art Lab
Category: Photograph
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 254


Photograph Art Lab is a utility for Android smartphones that provides the ability to edit images. It functions as a photo editor and includes built-in filters with special effects. Users can apply these filters to their photos, and then save the results to easily share them via popular social networks such as Instagram and others.


As the developers say, this utility has an extensive library of filters and special effects in various styles. Users can process their photos by applying filters to them, such as mosaic, anime, black and white and others. All these filters are presented in a handy catalog that is divided into collections based on style. Exposure, saturation and similar image parameters can be adjusted after applying the filter. Also announced is the presence of stickers and emoji that can be overlaid on top of images. In addition, the application provides a number of additional features:
  • applying frames to images;
  • creating a vignette effect;
  • blending shades;
  • other processing tools.


It is not possible to actually confirm the operability of the claimed functions described by the developers. At startup, the application is not initialized and stops during the loading process, hence, the user is not available to browse the filter catalog and use the processing tools.


  • the application is free to download;
  • the utility functions as an editor for photo processing;
  • the presence of a variety of filters and effects that are applied to photos is noted;
  • developers claim that the utility contains emoji, stickers and other tools;
  • the utility hangs at startup;
  • available on Android.
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