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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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A software tool that allows you to automatically search for Hikvision compatible devices on the Internet. It is an official software product from the manufacturer. This small program is known as SADP_Tool. Its main purpose is to search local networks for video surveillance products from the manufacturer Hik-vision. The program is an official tool from the manufacturer, which has support for any gadget and is constantly updated.

Working with the software

The application is easy to use, which is certainly a pleasure. After launching, the software will check the subnet and display the full list of devices on the network. In addition to the title of the detected gadget, the program will reveal its identification type, status, and IPv4 address, connected ports, software used, HTTP port encoding and serial number. If necessary, some gadgets from the list will be marked with checkmarks. This will allow you to perform the necessary operations with them. Thus, you can enable the HDCP service, use the HikConnect function or change the network. Execution of these actions will require logging in with an admin password. This is all of the possible operations that the application performs. It will not be able to broadcast the image/sound from the camcorder. For this purpose, it is necessary to use software products designed for video cameras or recording devices such as iVMS_4200.

Functionality description

The application has a single window and most of its space is occupied by the devices detected in the network. The data collected about the devices and the list of their available functions are displayed on the right sidebar. Unfortunately, the application is not russified, but almost everything is clear in technical and English languages. The program is compatible with any version of Windows. Correct functioning depends on the presence of SADP_Tool driver from Win_Pcap, which are included in the package and automatically installed. Therefore, any unnecessary steps for users are excluded.

Some nuances

  • can detect any Hik_vision device connected to the network;
  • official software from the manufacturing company;
  • connects HDCP using HikConnect;
  • interface is simple and easy to understand;
  • compatible with all versions of Windows.

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